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. hello. i'm hey hey. -- i'm jc hayward. this tribute is going to be an all day affair. his life will be celebrated in prayer, speeches, miewchg and song. let's go -- music and song. let's go outside the washington
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convention center in downtown washington. doors line up early this morning. we're live on the 9 rght street side. the folks poured in. right now we're just seeing a slow trickle of people still heading inside. we're told there's still plenty of room inside. the capacity? 14,500. still plenty of room. if you have time to come down, maybe you can still get a seat inside. the energy out here was certainly electric. fans started lining up here at 6:30 for a seat inside. we're told it will be filled
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with musical tribute. >> they don't use the turntables. they use a go go band. go go is a big genre that's going worldwide thanks to chuck. we took it everywhere. >> this whole city loves chuck brown, from kids to senior citizens. they want to pay homage to a great man who loved so much music, so much love. ♪ it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday ♪ thank you, chuck brown. >> reporter: that is just one of the gentlemen who will be performing here today in just a few moments inside the convention center. i've got to tell you since we've been covering the passing and the celebration of chuck brown's life, i've heard so many wonderful stories about how he loved his fans and each and every one it seems has a picture with chuck brown. i'm told he carved out 30 minutes out of every single performance, even up until the
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last and final performances of his life just so he could sit with people, take some pictures, sign autographs so family members say listen, it is only fitting and appropriate that we share this final goodbye and farewell with all the fans that meant so much to chuck brown. back to you, lesli. >> if you would like to loner chuck brown's memory, his family asked that donations be made to the chuck brown foundation. the foundation is currently a maryland nonstock corporation but it's in the process of applying for federal nonprofit status. it is a pleasure to introduce a former chairman of the d.c. commission of arts and humanities. and that will be charms stevenson -- charles stevenson. so nice to have you. three years ago, mr. stevenson published the book the beat, go
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go music from washington, d.c. it really explains exactly what go go is. but when you started this journey writing this book, you had one goal in mind and it changed along the way, didn't it? >> it did. >> tell me about it. >> when we first started it, i'm co-author ever the book, when we first started, we wanted to take a look at how the music came about. the more we go into the it, we started to see not only how it started but how it has really sustained in washington, d.c. and really become the heart beat of washington. i mean, it is the fabric of this city. evidence? chuck brown. >> he started the beat. it was so unique it seems. his beat is in all genres. >> all genres from jazz, gospel. it spans. it's because it comes from the heart. go go music is laden with african rhythms and latin rhythms. so it is a spiritual music.
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all that comes together and you cannot stay still. once you hear the music, once you participated in go go, you cannot stay still a lot of people,outside d.c. try to capture it on record and they can't. you really have to be at a go go. it's just like that party you were at last night. we tried to explain to your friends how much a good time you had. and then you just stopped because you really had to be there. >> today as the city and its residents say a final farewell to chuck brown, what are your personal remarks? >> my personal remarks is i think his legacy is intact. he implored so much joy and harmony to this city. i just feel so blessed that the city is acknowledging his contributions the way that they have because we used to say go go was taken in a negative context. but now we see how positive this music is. so i'm just so grateful because
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of that. >> we're looking right çnow li as the family enters the convention center for the final farewell to chuck brown. this is a live look. the family has just taken their seats. that would be his two sons and his daughter and of course his loving wife. this is going to be a labor of love today because so many politicians and well wishers and friends and musicians are attending this service. >> absolutely. you can look on the stage right there, jc and see that room. delia said they're not at capacity but you certainly would expect that it would pretty much get to capacity when you think about what chuck brown was to this city, the fabric he was to the si. this whole genre he create -- the city. this whole genre he created that so many of us know so well here. they're introducing donny simpson and the program appears
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to be beginning. >> good afternoon. this is a tough one today. that man loved you. i know that he knows i loved him, too. one of the reasons i loved chuck so much is that chuck was always about d.c., always. man, that music he created was right here in d.c. it was for the world but the world had to
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come get it. they had to come get it from d.c. i got mad respect for that. i have to tell you, i was -- when they asked me to officiate, i had never done anything like that before. i don't know what to do to officiate at a home service. they said chuck would want you to do what you do. i said well, i'm a zj so can i -- i'm a dj so can i start it like this? hit it. ♪ >> come on, d.c. >> you've got that go-go swing. >> come on, mr. mayor.
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>> thank you. i want to see the people. ♪ >> it don't mean a thing if it don't got that go-go swing. chuck brown. >> hit it. hit it. >> oh, man. >> yeah, give it up, chuck brown. the godfather of go-go. we're going to celebrate him today. yes, we're going to celebrate this man today. wind me up, chuck.
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boy, the outpouring of love you all have shown for this man has been incredible. it has been awesome to watch. you all show your love for this d.c. treasure chuck brown. i'll ask you to take your seats now as we celebrate and honor the life of our dear friend, the husband of mrs. jocyln brown and the manual we know as the god -- man we know as the godfather of go-go, the man who put washington, d.c. on the map as the innovator and founder of go-go music, mr. chuck brown. we want to ask that you turn
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off your cell phones today or set them on vibrate, if you would, please. we want you to refrain from taking any pictures, if you would. we want to ask you to take off your shoes if they're hurting already. i understand. we want to give special thanks to mayor vincent gray and the government of d.c. this doesn't happen like this today without mayor gray and the government staff of washington, d.c. thank you for making this happen, for representing d.c. like chuck brown deserved. thank you. we're going to begin with "i love the lord" backed by the
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special chuck brown memorial band who are ready to do their thing. music director my boy wayne bruce then we'll have the opening prayer by reverend tony lee, senior pastor. >> right now it looks as though there's going to be a beautiful song that's going to be performed. then we'll hear the opening prayer from reverend tony lee. sounds like they're doing a little setup now before that occurs. as we take a look at this, this
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is some kind of homecoming service. >> i'm so happy they're doing it right. what chuck means to this city, some people don't really get it. there's a lot of people who have come here and gone to school here and from other areas, and if you don't -- if you haven't been a native washingtonian, you have no idea what chuck means to this city. i'm glad that people will get a chance to see. >> people lined up to attend this home going service last night. in fact, the first lady in line said she arrived at 8:30 p.m. last night because she wanted to make sure that number one, she had a seat, and number two, that she got a program. so she and her family went to the convention center last night at 8:00. and they're in that crowd there today saying goodbye to a washington legend.
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♪ i love the lord ♪ he heard my cry ♪ and wittied every -- every groan ♪ long as i live my troubles rise ♪
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♪ i'll hasten to his throne ♪ oh, i love the lord note i really love the lord ♪ he heard, he heard my cry ♪ and god pitied every groan ♪
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yes, as long as i live ♪ my troubles rise, troubles rise ♪ ♪ i'll hasten to, i'll hasten to his throne ♪ i'll hasten to his throne ♪ when tears are streaming down my face ♪ ♪ i will hasten to his throne
12:17 pm
♪ yes, when things are getting out of control, i'll hasten to his throne ♪ i'll hasten, i'll hasten to his throne ♪ i'll hasten to his throne ♪ he is my everything ♪ i'll hasten, i'll hasten to his throne ♪ i'll hasten to his throne ♪
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hallelujah. ♪ i have somebody i can lean on ♪ i have somebody i can call on ♪ he's never too busy ♪ he's right there ♪ i'll hasten to his throne ♪ i'll hasten, i'll hasten ♪ to his throne ♪ ♪ i'll hasten, i'll hasten i'll aisen to his -- i'll
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hasten çto his throne ♪ come let the church say amen. why don't you grab your neighbor by the hand as we go to god. and a word of prayer. once you have your neighbor by the hand, won't you disease your neighbor's hand -- won't you squeeze your neighbor's hand to let them know we're all
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here grieving together. just squeeze their hand one more time to let them know that chuck impacted my life and i'm better because of it. i want you to squeeze it one more time to acknowledge that we believe it is well with chuck's soul and the same god that can use him and same god that can touch us at this moment. bow your heads and look god in prayer. jesus, we come and say thank you. we come thank you, god, because even in the midst of sorrow, god, we can be grateful. god, we come thank you, god, because we thank you, god, for the life that lived it so well. we come to say thank you, god, because we thank you that we don't have to grieve like the rest of the world that has no hope. but our help is built on nothing less than jesus' blood and righteousness. we come to say thank you and ask that you would send your comforting power right now.
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we ask that you comfort this family in the name lord jesus. we thank you, god, that jesus said he would not -- [ inaudible ] -- right now god, we ask that you would wrap your arms of love and comfort around this family in jesus' name. god touched this family, god, who has shared chuck with the world. god, let them feel your power in this moment in the name of jesus. not just as family, god, but comfort every band member, god, comfort anybody chuck meant something to. comfort anybody who ever uttered out their mouth wind me up, chuck, in the name lord jesus. god, comfort all of those who have been blessed, god, by what chuck brown has double. now, god, we -- lass double. now, god, we come today not to have a pity party but to have a celebration. we come to celebrate the life and legacy of chuck brown. god, in jesus' name, we come, god, many of us never having pictured a world where chuck brown was not in it. he loved a life and legacy so rich, that any time, god, we
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put anied kind of song of his, god, he's still here. for that, god, we're grateful. god, we come for our holy ghost home going celebration. we thank you, god, we used to say ain't no party like a chuck brown party. but i come by today to say there ain't no party like a holy ghost party. so god, sent your fire into this place today. sent your fire, god, and let us feel your love and feel your comfort and we'll be sure to give your name all the praise and glory in jesus' name we pray, amen. come on, somebody, give god a name. praise in the house. we come to celebrate the life and the legacy of brother chuck brown. our scripture readings for this day, old zestment scripture -- testament scripture coming from
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the 23rd psalm. he restore et my soul. he lives me in a path of righteousness for his namesake. thou i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will feel near evil for you are with me. prepare me a table before my enemies. surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. the new testament scripture, the 15th chapter starting at the 51st verse of the core rintians. behold i show you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed. in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the death shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed. for this corruptible must put on corruption and this mortal
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put on mortality. then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory. oh, death whereas sting. oh grave where is the victory. the sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. but thanks be to god which give us the victory through our lord jesus christ. the word of god for the people of god, thanks be to god. >> thank you, reverend lee. >> we're now getting to have a music selection from isiah thomas. he's a friend and musical associate of chuck brown. we're going to follow that up with "thank you" performed by bet's sunday's best second season winner -- [ inaudible ]
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lesli, we're going to have some more musical selections and for someone who has never been to what we call a down home black funeral, they're getting ready to sing one now. >> we don't sing, we sang. >> they're getting ready to sang in just a moment. >> absolutely. >> looks like everybody is coming together here. as donnie simpson told you, this was going to be a home going service. and the reverend said it's not going to be a pity party and this certainly seems to be in the spirit of who chuck brown was. >> chuck loved everybody. so he wouldn't want you to be sad. he wants you to celebrate. he wants you to have a party and do it right. >> that's big for you to say
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today because he was your mentor, encouraged you to do what you do today. >> he showed me a lot of love and a lot of respect. i always wanted to be like him. >> let's listen in. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. if you don't mind, we're going to do it one time for chuck. is that all right? chuck sang a song "can't nobody do me like jesus." if you know t help us sing it. >> put your hands on t. put your hands on it.
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♪ can't nobody do me like jesus ♪ can't nobody do me like the lord ♪ can't nobody-- >> we want to say goodbye on channel 9 in a moment. we'll be going to the young and the restless but we're going to continue live coverage of the chuck brown memorial on bounce tv. >> it's located on 9.2 on digital television. 207 on comcast, 459 on verizon fios. we'll also be streaming is live on all day. you'll be able to hear the music and feel the love and be lifted for a few more hours. if you're leaving us now, have a good day. >> for everyone else, we'll see you on bounce tv.
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